Don't waste another day in depression...

Depression can be a disabling and potentially deadly disorder.  Even though there are many good medications to help with depression, their effects are typically slow in onset (a matter of weeks), and often require several trials of different medications before finding a medication that works well.  At the worst, some people just do not respond even to multiple trials of antidepressants (about 30% of patients), which can lead to missing work or school, disability leave, inability to care for oneself or family, and even hospitalization and more dramatic interventions such as ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy). However, over the last decade, researchers at the U.S. National Institutes of Health and worldwide have been looking into novel ways to battle depression, and have found the use of ketamine infusion to have extremely rapid (less than 24 hours for many) and profound improvement in depression for many sufferers, even those that have not benefited from multiple other medications and even ECT treatments.  Strong research has shown that ketamine can quickly and significantly ease the burden of depression and may overall speed the recovery from the disabling effects of depression.

Practically speaking, ketamine therapy can save a sufferer time, money, and the pain of experiencing a severe depressive episode, and put them on the road to recovery more rapidly than using traditional antidepressant medications or other therapies alone.

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